I was tired of being a non-entity on the internet. Maybe I still am, but not for lack of trying.  I am looking for like-minded people to join in. Through my blog I’ll tell you what I’m doing and you can reciprocate. Tell me what you’re doing. Comment and even send me an article and I’ll post it.

It’s time to attack the establishment that has brought us to this pitiful state of affairs.

What began with the posting  of comments online and losing track of them somewhere out “there”, I decided to post some of the longer, more well-thought out pieces on my on space. I was also jealous of professional journalists who are read and make an impact. Most of these professional journalists are not well educated in the subjects they post about and they have to be more “objective” which dilutes the quality of their article.  Many commenters post on them because they disagree or they have more information.

As with all things, this is evolving. I would like to invite posters of all persuasions to post here. That includes lefties, too. Then we can comment on them and even write articles and post back  at them, respectfully, of course, (wink, wink). They have to be reasoned and not personal attack pieces. Short comments to articles are one thing and if a poster makes personal attacks, well, that says something about that poster and helps the reader make a judgment about the validity of what else they write.

I had made connections with other posters who had commented on articles that I had commented on, but everything we wrote between us was also open to others. I needed a website that would allow for levels of privacy.

Join in. Contact either signing in to the comment section under an article or send an email to contact@vandanson.com. Soon, I hope to have some sort of private sign in where you can contact me, or others privately, off the internet grid.

Why have a website blog when there are thousands of libertarian-conservative news sites and blogs? Because news sites are not interested in reader opinion. They are the experts, according to none other than themselves. Personal blogs mainly want to promote the writers of the blogs. I haven’t put my bio on my site. If I do, then it will be a the same as any other writer on this site. I want to promote ideas, not people.

Visit now. Come back every now and then. When I my private access is available, maybe you’ll submit something.

Tell me what you think.