ccw_map_2010My original title to this piece was “Time to Arm Private Citizens, Part 2”, but then I realized by one of the points in objection to my original post that I gave the impression that ALL citizens should be armed. Of course not. This is about effectively training and using people with concealed carry permits when they are faced with a terrorist shooter.

Before I go point-for-point, let me repeat some scores.

Sandy Hook:  Gunman 26 + 2, Police 0, CCW 0;  time before police enter = 10 min (after gunman committed suicide)

Orlando: Gunman 49 + 53, Police 1, CCW 0; time before police enter = 3 HOURS (2:18 AM Officers report over radio that their shields won’t stop the shooter’s rifle fire. They enter at 5 a.m. There’s bravery for you!)

Orlando clearly showed the institutional incompetence of police. I am not blaming the police or faulting them. I can’t blame a cat for not flying and a fish for not walking. But why are we so delusional about their institutional characteristic and capabilities?

This is why government and other institutions “fail”. Well, they don’t actually “fail”. We ask them to do things they are not designed to do or are incapable of doing because of their unchangeable, inherent characteristics. I am not going to ask an 8 year old to drive a car. She will “fail”. The failure is not her’s. It’s mine. I failed to understand her capabilities.

It’s our failure as a society and especially as a government that we have failed to understand this. While there certainly are delusional people in government who do believe that the police are capable of providing security, others are lying to us. For goodness sakes, listen to SCOTUS. They have clearly told us that police have no duty to protect us. Why are we not listening?

We see the police as capable of doing things they are in fact incapable of doing. You have to be clear about what you have.  Hope and prayer are poor substitutes for knowledge and understanding. Read up on institutional and systemic processes. Douglas C. North, Nobel Prize winner; Thomas Sowell, “Knowledge and Decisions”, or anything about institutional systems and institutional economics.

Read about W. Edwards Deming, the person responsible for TQM, Total Quality Management, the Japanese formula for economic success It’s an institutional, knowledge driven approach. He was clear that if your organization is failing, you have to understand why. He clearly said not to blame the individual for failing in a particular task. Blame the manager, blame the training, blame the organization. But ALWAYS know what you have and don’t have.

We have to get it into our head that in these and many other situations the police will not help you. Don’t blame the police for failing to save you, because they are not going to save you. If you don’t want to die, then you need another approach. No approach is perfect and it never begins as well as it later becomes. So, now you that know the police won’t help you what are your choices?

“Given that a majority of mass shootings occur outside of Gun free zones, I disagree heartily on this claim.

Really, name some. I did not mean official gun free zones, but areas where there are likely to be no weapons, such as Sandy Hook, the Denver theater shooting and Orlando gay night club.

“It should also be noted that multiple studies show an increase in gun violence as carry rights are loosened.”

I refuse to take this comment from you. Provide an, authenticatable quote, such as from the FBI, not the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center or the NRA. They are biased sources. Since you put it out there first, it is your duty to back it up, not mine to provide a counter source when you have provided none. At this point it is opinion and not fact. Your score on this is Zero.

“No, it shows that people who are trained day and night to be responsible and disciplined can be so.”

Over stated, but generally true and now put it into context. There are already millions of trained military and police veterans. MILLIONS. You ASSUME I mean everybody. Of course not. We don’t need or want everybody. These millions already have a high level of weapon familiarity and their next training would focus on CCW tactics in a shooting situation. When the police arrive late or won’t go in for THREE HOURS, THOSE G DAMN COWARDS, then any CCW inside is better than none.

“I hate to say it, but you’re an idealist when it comes to reactions in a dark club with lights flashing that only 5 would die by accident. This just isn’t real. People will panic, no matter how well trained they think they are.”

OK, 10, 15, 20,  by CCW.

Let me repeat: Shooter 49 + 53, police 1, CCW 0, time 3 hours.

Nonsense, trained people don’t panic. This negates the whole idea of training. Training actually gives the opposite. Think of pilots. They don’t panic. If training in so many occupations doesn’t work, then why train?

You don’t ask everyone with a CCW to train, but if you’re going to carry, why not be trained? Then, if you ever get into that situation, you’ll be more confident.

“Some people are too old, too irresponsible, too unstable to react the way you expect them to.”

Of course there are and they wouldn’t be asked. We only talking about CCW holders, not the entire population. Why did you even bring this up?

As of now there are 8 million CCW holders, and growing. All 50 states have CCW permits. 37 are “shall issue” and 13 are “may issue”. Shall issue means that if you ask, you get, assuming typical requirements such as age, mental capacity and felony convictions.

My point here is that like it or not 8,000,00 in the US already have CCW’s. You are not going to stuff this genie back in the bottle. It’s out and growing. And when a CCW is in the crowd, do you expect them to wait three hours and hide in the stall with 9 other people while peeing in his pants? What the heck does he have the gun for? And when he gets his CCW training is he going to be told not to protect himself and not to shoot because maybe he might shoot someone else and all the while the shooter is gunning people down and he’s coming in your direction?  Then what does he have a CCW for! Get real.

In this discussion I clearly have the better view. Gun control, disarming people, failing to train CCW holder’s better and thinking that the police are your private security are the delusional views, not mine. These views play into the hands of shooters and terrorists.

So, your turn. If the police are not going to help you and you clearly are against CCW, then what would you do?

Please answer: How does putting “gun-free zone” signs on college campus doors increase the safety of the students? I definitely would like an answer to this one. Second AmendmentPoliticsMy original title to this piece was 'Time to Arm Private Citizens, Part 2', but then I realized by one of the points in objection to my original post that I gave the impression that ALL citizens should be armed. Of course not. This is about effectively training and...Countering the Myths of Economics and Politics