Open Carry at the Convention

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So why dont repubs allow guns in every townhalls? Why not conservative judges allow guns in their court houses? Why not allow guns on capitol hill?


You never addressed the question. Since you are the only educated person in the world, plez sir, PLEASE do edumicate us poor, dumb lefties…..plez tell us….why are they tryin to make it so we can haz our guns at the conbention? I thought guns are what make peoples safe??? Cops is gun people and should know that its best fer everyone to have guns, so why are they not wantin dem at the political party!?

DiegoVan to YouMadBro?,

I did answer the original question to Wacko, but if your spelling and syntax are any indication of your reading level….

You are being insulting and trying to bait me, but I will come at it this way:

You comment is like this, “OK, big guy, you can swim, why don’t you swim with the alligators in the pond?”

Just because I have the right to open carry doesn’t mean that I get stupid about it. It’s not too bright to carry guns where there are a lot of police. They get nervous and they are already providing me adequate security. Next time that 5-ton, 18 wheeler runs the stop sign on you, you be sure to insist on your right of way. Don’t let the b’sterd intimidate you now, ya hear?

Why I mentioned “lefties” was because lefties confuse too many issues.

Myth #1: if the police are here to protect you, then why do you need guns?

Police are NOT here to protect you. That’s the myth. They are not our security force. The Supreme Court has even ruled that they are not here to protect you. You have no constitutional right to be protected by the police. (See Castle Rock v. Gonzales, No. 04-278) Wake up. Your only protection is your own gun, mace or fist.

But don’t let me change your mind about that. You just keep on believing those right-wing cops are your personal security. Make sure that you either get their personal cell number or make sure that when you call 911, they get there fast, just like Ms. Gonzales was hoping.

Police are not your personal security. They are societal security. There is a difference. If you need personal security, then hire a bodyguard or get a carry permit.

Myth #2: Guns are only for deer hunting, why do you need more than a 10 round clip?

Guns are for protection against a tyrannical government. Especially a left-wing one. In that fight I might need several thousand rounds and maybe bigger weapons. The 2nd Amendment says nothing about the right to hunt deer.

Myth #3: The baiting myth by Wacko and YouMadBro? and other lefties, insist on your rights and start an argument with gun-toting police all around:

If there already are police and security physically in place, such as a court, then there is no need for you to carry. Leave it in your car. The idea is to be secure in your person. We have given our constitutional right to the superior use of force to the police. They aren’t going to give it up and I’m not dumb enough to ask. When they are around and they have guns and they are in charge, then only an idiot lefty would think that you should carry.

No one is stopping you from turning in your guns. Heck, put a “gun free zone” sign in your front window, just like they have all over my daughter’s college, the ignorant a-holes. That’ll keep those criminals from invading your house. They sure don’t want to get caught with a gun in a gun fee zone. They’ll go to jail for sure.

Thanks for asking to be educated. There’ll be a test tomorrow. Meet me inside the convention center and bring your open carry firearm with you. Then, after we talk to the security guys, we’ll stop by your house and check the spelling on the “gun free zone” sign in your front window.

I’ll bet I don’t get a reply from you. You’ll  probably be at your yoga class getting self defense tips on how to imagine you’re not there when your home is invaded. Even if you do reply, I’ll probably be at the gun range practicing my aim with my semi-automatic M1911 Colt .45 pistol. When I come home, I put the safety on and put it next to my bed. Want my address?

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  1. Nice post, Van. Keep up the good work, mate.

  2. Now that the convention is over, where are all the leftists fretting about Ohio’s open carry laws — the ones who wanted Kasich to suspend the US Constitution, mongering fear about all the shootouts in the street we were going to witness?

    The smart money says violence is more likely to erupt during the Democrat convention in Philadelphia than during any Republican conclave — especially considering the “Mothers of the Movement” pandering they’re going to have …

    • 7445547,

      Looking at my time stamp you must live on the East Coast. I live on the Left Coast of CA.

      Almost no violence at the Rep Conv. Did you see where the Black Panthers gathered? They said they were going to be there and open carry. Any news outlet cover that?

      Notice who wanted to suspend the carry laws: the police! That will tell you something. They are more concerned for their own safety than the safety of private citizens. Look, with open and CCW carry there was no shooting.

      Let’s see what happens in Silly Philly.

      Stay in touch.

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